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[ale] OT: DSL in older house (no NID)

Sorry I didn't see this earlier.  Hey smae last name are we related?

Anyways,  I live in a older house also.   I have the Western Digital NID 
outsdie my house.  just as you described.   My dsl comes through just 
fine.   Although,  I would love to change it I have not.  Bellsouth has 
quoted me a little over $100.00 to upgrade it, some time ago.   I wil 
say the only problem that I have and had is this.   When I loose sync,  
I have to carry the modem outside and use a special phone wire to 
connect only the DSL.  That was I can say I have tested the modem back 
to the NID.   Some could probably make her a simple jack and a terminal 
block to do the samething.  Mine is outsdie the house and not in a 

Adrin Story

Robert Story wrote:

>My sister just called me to ask about getting DSL at her place. She lives in an
>older house that has a really thick one-pair wire running from the pole,
>through a hole in the wall, to a screw-down connector in the middle of the
>The Bellsouth people are trying to sell her a self-install kit. I'm concerned
>that she'll sign-up, I won't be able to get the self-install kit work, and
>she'll end up having to pay some exorbitant fee to have them come out and
>install a NID or some other inside wiring work.
>Has anyone used DSL with such a setup before? Since Bellsouth is supposed to
>only be responsible to the outside of the house, is there some magic phrase to
>make them install a NID w/out having to pay?
>The only reason I'm thinking of letting her go with Bellsouth is my recent
>fiasco w/my Speakeasy line, with them, Bellsouth and MCI all pointing fingers
>at each other when my DSL went down. I figure still w/Bellsouth the first year,
>and if it seems to be working ok, switch to somewhere cheaper later. But if not
>having a NID doesn't present any special problems, then starting w/Speakeasy
>from the beginning might be the way to go.
>Any thoughts, suggestions or stories of similar experiences greatly
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