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[ale] Windows Remoting X'ing

> There are several commercial X servers for windows. Exceed and
> hummingbird (are they the same? it's been a long time...) are two very
> complete examples.

 Hummingbird Exceed is one app and another is ReflectionX is another pay
app. Micro Images ( http://www.microimages.com/mix/ ) has one called
MI/X 4.1 for Windows. There is also http://www.winaxe.com. Unfortunetly,
none of these are free. http://www.tucows.com/xwinserver95_default.html
has a few, but they all die after 30-60 min unless you buy them.

Cygwin is the only one that I have found that is free, but you have to
deal with the bloat of an entire distribution running in the background.