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[ale] minimalist package manager

> the base Debian system takes slightly less than 20MB of disk space while
> the "standard" install is probably around 200MB. (numbers based on
> current Debian Stable "Woody" from Dwarf's Guide to Debian GNU/Linux)
> most of my systems are in the 400MB range, but i tend to install a
> couple of browsers/email clients/audio players, etc. that are not really
> necessary.
> install the base system and "apt-get" what you want/need.  that way you
> will have control over what is on your system.
> dunno if there is anything for a gentoo system since i don't use it.
> preston

thanks for the comment i guess i need to check it out again, last time i
used debian you did the same thing as in gentoo (for what i can remember
anyways) and had to install the base (75meg) install. and then apt-get
everything else. but ill look at it, all i want is a system with a package
manager that installs from the net and updates like apt-get or portage but
i want the base install of only the applications to run apt :D then
install only the required packages to get what i need running. usually i
just settle for something but i figured its been some months so maybe
somethings changed ;)

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