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[ale] RedHat 9, threading

       The following versions are available:
       - 2.4.1 - Linuxthreads with floating stacks
       - 2.2.5 - Linuxthreads without floating stacks

1.4.2 beta2 and above should work.
If reboot is not a problem, I'd simply test after a reboot with 'nosysinfo'
option to disable NPTL completely, for peace of mind.
Does those app work before, under RH 8, 7.3, and/or with other JDK version?

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Yu, Jerry wrote:

> such incompatiblity and getaround are noted in redhat 9 release notes.
> I think 1.4.2 jdk and above should work. You can disable the native 
> thread support completely using a boot option, 'nosysinfo'. 
> Alternatively, you can run your incompatible program with 
> LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 or 2.2.5

Thanks.  I AM using 1.4.2 JDK, nad I've tried the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL 
variable.  No joy, so it must not be threading problem.  Is there a 
difference in the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL values and what they mean?


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