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[ale] riddle me this batman... network problems continued...

Keith Hopkins wrote:
> Geoffrey wrote:
>> This is so wierd.  So I pull out the noname nic with the realtek 
>> chipset, stick the 3com card in by itself.  It works.  So, the box is 
>> finicky???
>> Still don't know why the integrated nic doesn't work, but at least 
>> I'll be hanging on to the box for some purpose.
> Check the specs.  Since the NIC isn't showing up in `lspci`, I'd bet the 
> non-working NIC is PCI 2.0 (and lacks any backward compatability) and 
> the motherboard only supports PCI 1.2.

I'm thinking you're correct.  Never thought about this.  It's a 32 bit 
card and the box is pretty old.  I can't locate the specifics on the pci 
version on either though.

Now if I could only get the on board nic to work, but I figure it's just 
plain bad.

Until later, Geoffrey	esoteric at 3times25.net

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