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[ale] symlinking /var/www/blosxom to /home/user/blosxom?

rsync might help you out since it is designed for this situation.

BruceG wrote:

>Hey all,
>   I'm messing with html stuff and blog goofiness. Right now I write on my
>PC, then gFTP it to my server in my home directory. Then I telnet to the
>server and move stuff to /var/www/blosxom directory. Not the snazziest
>   I'm looking at options. The blog stuff is just text files, so I could
>telnet or ssh to the server and use vi or emacs (the server is command line
>only, blog entries are simple text files). But I'm thinking of something a
>little nicer, like:
>   Create a symlink of /var/www/blosxom to /home/username/blosxom on my
>server. Create a staging folder on my PC and build in there. Use ftp to move
>from my laptop to the home folder on my server. That means I wouldn't have
>to then telnet to the server and copy files from /home/username/blosxom to
>   How do you guys handle it?
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