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[ale] Debian or Slackware package management

> On Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 11:59:03PM -0500, Jim Seymour wrote:
> > of these has the easiest package manager to use when adding 
programs that 
> > are in tar form (ex: nmap-3.48.tar.gz).  I do like the idea of 
using a 
> > package manager to ease removal/updating/adding of programs.  So 
> > dh_make or Slackware's makepkg and why is it easier?  I had very 
> Slackware's probably the simplest, while Debian's dpkg format is by 
> the most complicated when to creating packages.  
> > success with creating rpm's (spec files, diffs, etc.) and hope 
there is an 
> > easier way.
> RPM .spec files are pretty strightforward.  The problems you describe 
> would apply to any packaging system.
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