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[ale] Performance

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 13:44, Jeff Hubbs wrote:
> OK, I read you - but regarding the "disk IO on all the small files," is
> this mostly a read operation or a write operation?  Reason I ask, how
> would it be to leave at least the reading coming from disks on the
> individual Mosix nodes, from kernel trees set up via rsync ahead of
> time? 
> When you did this, how did you establish the shared cluster file space?
> NFS?  Mosix File System (something I need to look into again - it's been
> a while)?

For me too. This was during the early Mosix days (before they went
stupid and closed source on kernel enhancements and then the fabulous
openmosix crew started from the last published version). There was no
shared filespace, only distributed jobs. Each machine booted
independently and was then talking to "mother" who coordinated the job
effort. Mother held the hard drive data as I found no working way to
control file distribution (pre-rsynch days).
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