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[ale] Fedora and RHN?

Thank you for yoru reply, looks like you actually have an idea as to
what needs to be done.
On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 19:48, Geoffrey wrote:
> walter Sams wrote:
> > I am new this list and am looking for some pointers and possibly some
> > physical assistance with migrating my RH9 network to another
> > distribution, most likely Mandrake 9.2.
> I've used both Mandrake and SuSE.  You might consider SuSE.  Both are 
> rpm based as is RH. < I have no preference, the only linux I have used is RH>
> > If someone has converted RH to Mandrake I would appreciate insight as to
> > how complicated it might be.
> What's your definition of convert? 
< I had envisioned installing a new version of Linux and doing away with
RH all together.  
>  I don't think you'll find that you 
> can easily 'convert' a running RH to Mandrake.  About the best solution 
> is to make your box a dual boot by installing Mandrake along side your 
> existing RH.  Then cycle through a couple of reboots from one to the 
> other in order to configure the Mandrake like the RH.
<Once I am configured properly do I then uninstall RH?
> If this is a production env, then that's not a likely solution.  What 
> kind of down time can you afford?< I run a heating and airconditioning contracting business

> , and could probably do without my computers for a couple of days if needed.
> > If someone is very confident of their skills and wants to discuss
> > handling this upgrade/changeover for me, please email me directly, as I
> > would prefer to have a person more knowledgable than myself do the
> > changeover. I use 2 servers and 4 clients.
> I've done a few installs, pretty confident, some would say arrogant. ;) 
<arrogance can be overlooked if the work hits the floor (our expression
for getting it done) it when the arrogant person really fouls up that
things get really funny.
>   What are the boxes used for?  <The main server handles the accounting package and office suite 

> and is the data storage location for all programs, the fax server handles the faxing and email (interoffice with only 1
outside internet connection), clients can all run the accounting, office
suite and evolution.>

> The clients would likely be pretty 
> quick, as long as you're not using them for too esoteric stuff.  What 
> kind of downtime can you afford?
> The dual boot is a reasonable conversion solution, if you've got the 
> disk space and can afford the downtime.  If you don't have the spare 
> disk space, you can purchase an extra drive, do the first install on it, 
> and then move the old drive to the next box, install, and on down the line.<Sounds like the mandrake tech who said
>  that it was just a simple upgrade might not have known what he was talking about?
It looks like I need to look into this futher to determine everything
that needs to be done before actually installing anything.  

Do you have SWAG as to how long something like this would take, I might
need to plan on having a shut down of my office.

(SWAG= some wild ass guess)

Thanks again
Walter Sams