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[ale] [OT] Advice needed

lee hartley wrote:
> Not sure if this counts as off topic... I am wanting to gain
> experience in programming and linux administration in hope of getting
> an entry level job in this field. Any advice would be great! Back
> ground=I have done a little java and javascript...(has been a while),
> Apache, Windows (2k) network admin, Web design, technical
> writing/e-learning, tinkered with php and mysql,...I am a philosophy
> grad., so, I am having to slowly move into this sector...

I learned virtually all my Linux admin and networking stuff by just 
doing it and leaning on this list.  I had previous experience with UNIX 
systems, but my admin stuff was pretty old.  If you really want to get 
into administration, get you a couple of throw away boxes, and build 
your own little network.

> my questions- 1.what would be a desirable language to learn? (in
> terms of usefulness and job market)... I plan to work on an open
> source project to gain experience...any project recommendations?

No project recommendations, but I'd suggest you try C.  It's not really 
a beginner's language, but it's still used quite extensively and there's 
a market for it.  There will probably be those folks who suggest C++, 
but that's just another religious war.

> 2.What distro(s)to be knowledgeable of...I am currently running
> redhat 7.2

You can't go wrong with RH, but I'd certainly upgrade.

> 3.What are best avenues/routes for crossing over (e.g. just get in a
> large place and work through, startups,...) Any advice is welcome!

I think you're probably on the right track with an open source project.

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric at 3times25.net

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