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[ale] OT: Manufacturing an idea....

Joseph Knapka wrote:
> Marvin Dickens <mpdickens at tlanta.com> writes:
>>The moment you get an idea, put your idea in writing along with anything
>>else that is pertinate such as the date(s)of conception and who was
>>present when the idea was conceived. Then make two copies and get them
>>notarized. One copy goes into a lock box for immediate safe keeping and
>>then you put the other one in an envelope and mail it to yourself via
>>the US mail. When you get it, do not open it. The letter will be post
>>marked with a date and this date is what is important.
> Just curious: I had read somewhere that the shenanigans with the
> envelope mailed to oneself were no longer necessary, and that
> one is automatically the copyright owner of anything one puts
> down in writing. I'd think that for proof of the date of
> conception, notarization would be sufficient. Is that not the
> case?

I'm clueless on this subject, but it appears to me that Marvin's post is 
in reference to a patentable device, whereas Joseph's references are to 
copyright owner, two very different things, I think....

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