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[ale] Re: First Linux crash!

Hmmm, I know it seems a silly question but.. how's the space left on all
your partitions? Did you fill up /var or /tmp or /?  Just asking because
you did say you were using it as a backup destination.

On Tue, 2003-05-06 at 09:52, ale-request at ale.org wrote:

> Let's see.  No indications of anything wrong.  No log entries with
> anything unusual.  Syslog and messages are silient.  Nothing in any text
> file in /var/log to indicate a problem, except the restart message.  Is
> there something I can toggle or set to cause it to dump?  It may have
> just hung rather than crash.  I sure wish this thing had a NMI dump
> feature.

John M. Trostel
Atlanta, Georgia USA

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