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[ale] [OT] Gimme a D, gimme an O, gimme an H, gimme a !

Hi folks,

I have done something bad. To wit, I dumped about half a pint of
Pepsi (note: no longer an Atlanta resident, therefore free to drink
whatever I want) on my laptop.

I immediately popped the keycaps off the affected keys, grabbed
some cotton swaps, looked for a bottle of rubbing alchohol, didn't
find it, went to the local drugstore, bought a bottle of rubbing
alchohol, returned home (elapsed time roughly 20 minutes), and
carefully cleaned both the keycaps and the keyboard mechanism

Still, things are Not Right. I'm getting periodic random keystrokes
when my fingers are nowhere near the keyboard; obviously
I didn't clean up everything that needed cleaning. So am I just
screwed here, or what? Any advice?

Many thanks,

-- Joe

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