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[ale] Cannot install Linux on new PC

I would be suspicious of a heat related issue and flaky chips. Pop the
case off and grab the large box fan. Point directly into the open case
and retry the install. Even better, put the open case in front of a
window unit AC. A linux install abuses the CD drive like crazy. Windows
is only 1 disk. RH7.3 is 3. Suse is even more.

fdisking a cat is ALWAYS good mojo. Especially if they sleep on the

On Sun, 2002-09-01 at 18:45, Greg wrote:
> Note: This is totally different from my other problem posting. I have been
> *very* busy lately !
> 	I have been having problems installing Linux on a new PC. It uses an Athlon
> 700MHz Slot A processor on a MSI MS6167 mobo with a half a GB of RAM.  I
> have used both a 4GB Maxtor and a 30GB Western Digital hard drives, both 40
> and 80 pin cables, 3 different CD-ROM players, and tried both SuSE 8.0 and
> RH 7.3.  I fdisk'd the MBR's on both disks.  I fdisked the whole disks.  If
> I thought it would help I would fdisk my cat when he rubs the PC.  I even
> returned the RH CDs and got new ones.  All Linux installs start ok and
> during the install several components/packages (they are random) do not
> install and soon the install gets a kernel panic and dies.  I have tried
> every combination of disk, cable, distro, and method (w/ and w/o X), noprobe
> and probe and using PNP and w/o PNP.  I have the HD as a master on the
> primary IDE and the CD as master on the secondary IDE.
> 	The only thing I have not changed is the mobo.  It is a MSI MS6167 and a
> week ago I did put in a 4GB HD with SuSE 8.0 on it and it worked - even with
> the SAMBA !  I did also a test install of *gasp* Windows 95, Windows 98 and
> NT 4.0 and all 3 worked, so it is something about Linux installs that the
> dammed PC does not like.
> 	If this cannot be fixed I guess the only option is to replace the mobo,
> which I don't want to do.  As Sherlock said, (paraphrased) "When all other
> solutions are proven incorrect, whatever is left, however unlikely, is the
> correct solution".  I assume hitting it with a sledgehammer (a la "process
> this " of Dogbert fame) is not a valid solution.
> 	Any suggestions/ideas ???  Any one want a mobo for $36.00 ???  Works good
> with MS .....
> 	Greg C.
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