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[ale] Can't locate module snd

i've been trying to get my sound working correctly.
i'm trying to install alsa and configure it.
when i run alsaconf i get:

Loading driver:
No ALSA driver installed
Starting ALSA sound driver (version none):modprobe: Can't locate module snd
Setting the PCM volume to 100% and the Master output volume to 50%
No ALSA driver installed
Could not initialize the mixer, the card was probably
not detected correctly.

i've loaded all the sound modules to my knowledge:
sb                      7808   0 (unused)
sb_lib                 32288   0 [sb]
uart401                 6048   0 [sb_lib]
isa-pnp                27752   0 [sb]
sound                  52428   0 [sb_lib uart401]
soundcore               3556   4 [sb_lib sound]

i did not see any snd module when i ran modconf.
what am i looking for?

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of DOS,
and danced the skies on Linux silvered wings.

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