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[ale] Back to the Future!

ALErs -

I want to set up a server and qmail. I bought R. Blum's book _Running
qmail_ [Sams - ISBN 0-672-31945-4], which naturally includes a CD, which
itself includes an
installation package for FreeBSD-4.0. SO .. I decided to try it.

Installation is a nostalgia blast (I had forgotten the fun of Slackware
2.*!), but it seems to go OK - network DHCP, mouse, and X11 seem to go in
OK. When I exit, however, I don't seem to have left a bootable kernel or
proper MBR in place.

Could someone drop a hint what step I probably skipped? Is there a
beginner's guide to FreeBSD on line somewhere that would help me walk
through this?

Another issue is that, even after a few 'custom' installs of RH-*.2, I was
not sure I had made good choices of packages to install. Is there a handy
note to package selection? (I assumed I could get up and going, and then
add or remove what I wanted, but this would lower the FUD-factor a bit.)

Nothing like a new installation to remove your excess confidence and
bring your humility level back up where it belongs!

 - John Mills

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