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[ale] VNC and Mandrake 8.2

Jeb -

I'm setting up a RH-7.2 box which I expect will primarily be used as a
'build' server by developers sitting at MsWin boxen. They each have
accounts on the 'build' machine, and might open VNC desktops to work

I supposed I would have to put into 'rc.local' a set of 'sudo' type
commands in the name of each user which would start a VNC display server
to which they might connect. Previously they [or I] would have once
started the display from their respective logins and assigned a password.

If anyone see this differently, let me know.

Also, I would be happy to hear what various folks think a "build
server" should provide. We are doing Linux builds of code from a common
MsWin/Linux CVS tree. I would provide 'one-button' scripts to pull a
current fileset, pre-process it, and run the build. A build log would be
available during and after the build.


On Fri, 29 Mar 2002, Jeb Barger wrote:

>  Anyway, how do I configure VNC to start automatically on boot up?  

 - John Mills

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