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[ale] RTFe-mail [ale] RedHat 7.2 WOL

ChangingLINKS.com wrote:
> I tried everything that I could with the BIOS settings on the computer and 
> still could not get Wake On Lan to work.
> 1. I tried changing 4 seconds power button = suspend (instead of Soft -> off)
> 2. I enabled Wake on Lan
> 3. I "user defined" power management to 20 minutes
> 4. Suspend to Ram Capability enabled
> 5. HDD power down = 15 minutes
> Is  the network card light supposed to be on?


> Is the hub light connected to the LAN card supposed to be on too?


> How would I "shutdown" RedHat 7.2 in this situation (for Wake On Lan)?
> How do I get the computer to be in "ACPI D3-warm state"  from RedHat?

You have to suspend the machine using APM, instead of shutting it down.
I'd suggest using standby mode.

> On Thursday 28 March 2002 06:51, you wrote:
>>ChangingLINKS.com wrote:
>>>environment: I have an Asus A7Pro motherboard, Realtek 8139 Lan card with
>>>WOL connector cable attached to motherboard, and RedHat 7.2. I guess that
>>>my power supply is sufficient because the LED light in the case (on the
>>>motherboard) stays lit.
>>>I have downloaded and compiled ftp://ftp.scyld.com/pub/diag/ether-wake.c
>>>and also tried
>>>I cannot get my computer to start using Wake On Lan. It is my
>>>understanding that the LAN card light is supposed to be on when I halt
>>>the computer. Is that right? There is no light on the LAN card (and the
>>>LED on the hub is also off) when I use shutdown -h now or poweroff. Does
>>>anyone know how  to get wake-on-lan working with Linux?
>>You're right, there is no light on the LAN card when you shutdown and
>>You have to suspend the machine using APM, instead of shutting it down. 
>>I'd suggest using standby mode.  Be sure APM and WOL is enabled in your
>>system's BIOS.
>> From the ether-wake help page:
>>	This program generates and transmits a Wake-On-LAN (WOL) "Magic Packet",
>>	used for restarting machines that have been soft-powered-down
>>	(ACPI D3-warm state).

a la APM man page:

APM(1)              Linux Programmer's Manual              APM(1)

        apm - query Advanced Power Management (APM) BIOS

        apm [ -vVmsS ]

        apm  reads  /proc/apm  and presents the output in a human-
        readable format.  Since primarily battery status  informa??
        tion  is  provided, this command is most useful on laptops
**-->  with a compliant APM BIOS.  apm also allows the machine to
**-->  be put into standby or suspend mode.

        -s, --suspend
               Put the machine into suspend mode if possible.

        -S, --standby
               Put the machine into standby mode if possible.

ergo: apm -S

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