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[ale] Re: Inching forward (Re: [ale] 'xinetd' question)

Michael -

On Wed, 27 Mar 2002 hirsch at zapmedia.com wrote:

> When you created your repository and changed ownership to cvsuser, did
> you make sure that your CVSROOT directory also got its ownership
> changed?

Well, I certainly may have missed a trick there. Ownership of $CVSROOT and
its subdirs was 'cvsmgr', group was 'cvsusers', xinetd set the
'cvspserver' "user = cvsuser", the intended cvs login users were defined
in '$CVSROOT/CVSROOT/passwd' like: "joedoe:<pw_hash>", and all those users
were members of the 'cvsusers' group. Maybe I could have left all that
unchanged and set "user = cvsmgr" for xinetd. In fact I'll probably try
that. I just prefer not empowering any remote activity as 'root'. Call me

 - John Mills

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