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[ale] OT: How fast is your connection, and how much do you pay?

On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, Geoffrey wrote:

> I was assuming that when you said usb modem, it was an analog modem.
> I've not seen a usb cable/dsl modem.  Not that they don't exist, just
> that I may have made an incorrect assumption.

Time-Warner, when installing cable internet service, will ask whether or
not you have a NIC installed on your computer that they can use.  They
used to send the tech out with a package that consisted of a modem and a
cheap ISA NIC, but there are now enough computers out there without ISA
slots, that they have gone to sending out the techs with modems that talk
Ethernet (if you have a NIC) or USB (if you don't).  If you have a machine
that doesn't have USB or a NIC, and you can convince them that it is up
to their "minimum tech specs" the, and only then, will they send out one
of the old modem+NIC packages.

My brother-in-law has the one other thing they have, that being a modem
that talks both Ethernet and USB.  Essentially, the USB and the
Ethernet+USB modems have an integrated USB-Ethernet bridge.  He is able to
connect his PC via ethernet, and his Laptop via USB and operate them both
simultaneously.  To the modem, it looks as though he had connected both
via a hub.

glasher at nycap.rr.com
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