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[ale] Inching forward (Re: [ale] 'xinetd' question)

Chris and other ALErs -

Thanks to Chris, I now get a cvs :pserver: login from a local or remote
system. I have a 'permissions' problem, it seems. Once I'm logged in, I
can't perform any actions except to logout.

For example:

[me at somehost somedir]$ cvs -d :pserver:<cvshost>/<cvsroot> login
Logging in to :pserver:<cvshost>:2041/<cvsroot>
CVS password: <my_cvs_password>
[me at somehost somedir]$ cvs -d :pserver:<cvshost>/<cvsroot> checkout \
setgid failed: Operation not permitted

Wrong password and the login fails [as it should], so that apparently

I've tried various combinations of names in CVS admin files, different
permissions and ownership of the repository files. These have differing
effects on the failure message, but not on the result.

:pserver: fails with this message even from localhost, where a direct 'cvs
checkout' works.


 - John Mills

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