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[ale] WAY WAY WAY OT: anybody recommend a good anime?

Cade Thacker wrote:
> Hello,
> I figured that maybe somebody on this list could suggest a couple of good
> animes. The problem is that all the animes that I have rented at
> blockbuster have been disturbing, rapes, dismemberment, people being cut
> in half,(Ninja Scroll, Blade).  I am looking more along the lines of Anime
> movies like Princess Mononoke, Blue Sub Six. Good Story line, good
> action, but not too much gore. Is this a lost cause?

Anime...anime...let's see, where can I find some anime...

There are lots of TV series turned video and OAV style anime that will fit the bill.

Macross Plus
The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
You're Under Arrest
the half dozen "Tenchi Muyo" titles
the other half dozen "El Hazard" titles

less action oriented...

Ah! My Goddess
Ranma 1/2
Maison Ikkoku
Spirit of Wonder
Kimagure "Orange Road"

and many many more...

Lost in Tokyo,

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