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[ale] CVS setup question - Pt.I of II

ALErs -

Once again to the well ... trying folks patience as usual.

I am setting up CVS as a server on a ~generic RH-7.2 setup, and having
problems with access control. Neither direct nor remote access is working
properly. Let's start with local.

Presently I want a specific set of users to connect to the cvs server and
have full privileges to check out, check in, etc. Later I plan to limit

I created a group called 'cvsusers' and put all my target users in that
group. I created my CVS repository as 'su', then changed all files'
ownership to 'cvsmgr' (a well-defined user), and their group to
'cvsusers'. 'cvsmgr' is a member of 'cvsusers'. I gave my group read,
write, and execute permissions down the CVS tree from '/usr/ourCVSROOT'.

Only 'cvsmgr' was able to perform a checkout in this configuration. Other
group members were prevented from creating 'lock' files in the CVS tree,
although I expected their group membership would have allowed this. I
tried defining them as 'readers', 'writers', with and without 'passwd'
entries, but no luck.

If I award write permission to 'others', they can all checkout files.
Unfortunately they can also check _in_ files even if they are in the
'readers' group but not the 'writers'. Worse, the checked-in files now
have the respective user as owner and group, so the are now beyond control
of 'cvsmgr'.


For tomorrow: no joy in 'pserver' access, either.


 - John Mills

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