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[ale] Memory jog needed for remote XTerm and $DISPLAY

Fletch -

Thanks. That works. For some reason I have to provide the full path to
'xterm' on the remote, but that's no real problem.

One refinement would be nice: I seem to be stuck at the 'ssh' invocation
in the shell window from which I started the shell. Is there a way to
'background' the 'ssh' link and get that console back for local use (or to
close it and reduce clutter)?

Thanks again.

On 26 Mar 2002, Fletch wrote:

> >>>>> "John" == John Mills <jmmills at telocity.com> writes:
> [...]
>     John> Long ago and far away I would open an Xterm on a remote host
>     John> which would be directed back to my desktop for its
>     John> $DISPLAY. The XTerm was actually started by a handy script
>         Perhaps `ssh -X foohost xterm' is what you're looking for?

 - John Mills

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