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[ale] Memory jog needed for remote XTerm and $DISPLAY

ALErs -

I am looking at running VNC servers on a remote Linux host so MsWin users
can login and use GUI tools, but this is no advantage for a nearby
X-Windows box. I am facing complete brain-fade on how to export X-Windows

Long ago and far away I would open an Xterm on a remote host which would
be directed back to my desktop for its $DISPLAY. The XTerm was actually
started by a handy script in such a way that in inherited control of all
processes started by console commands to the XTerm. This meant that all
such processes were nicely cleaned up when the XTerm was closed.

Anyone know what that script or utility might have been? Other suggestions
to restart the aging neurons? Extra points to run through SSH.

 - John Mills

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