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[ale] OT: How fast is your connection, and how much do you pay?

> From: Geoffrey [mailto:esoteric at 3times25.net]
> Sent: Monday, March 25, 2002 6:41 PM
> To: Ale (E-mail)
> Subject: Re: [ale] OT: How fast is your connection, and how 
> much do you pay?
> Charles Marcus wrote:
>>> Well, not everything is for everyone.  I was just countering 
>>> the claim that Starband wasn't right for Linux.  I have seen
>>> Starband work and work well for the majority of folks that use
>>> it.  As with all things, ymmv.

>> On that note, for people like my parents whose only other 
>> option is dial up, it is a very good option.  Now if someone
>> would come up with a DSL/Cable/Satellite Router that worked
>> with a USB modem...

> Maybe I'm missing something here.  DSL/Cable have their own 
> connection device, so you wouldn't use a modem, right.

You have to have either a DSL modem or a Cable modem - unless you are using IFITL (Integrated-fiber-in-the-loop), in which case you do not need a modem, it plugs directly into a NIC or the WAN port of the Cable/DSL router).

> You'd have a dsl modem, cable modem and they'd either plug
> into your nic, or they'd reside in your box.

Huh?  Above you said 'you wouldn't use a modem', then here you say you do...  now I'm confused...

> As I understand satellite, you receive via satellite, send 
> via analog, so is this what you're looking for?

They now have two-way satellite, so your dish both transmits and receives - no more analog (dial-up) for the uplink.

But yes, the latency is definitely a problem, but again - it beats the hell out of dial-up.


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