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[ale] how do I forward a port from internal ip to extrenaladdress?

Not sure I totally understand your environment.
But, if your your web servers are on differnet networks(your secondary is 
192.x.x.x and your external web server ha a public IP) you'll need a 
device/computer that is on both networks.

You can accomplish this several ways.  Add a NIC to one of your web 
servers so that it has an address on both networks.  Or you could add a 
Linux box with two NICs and use that as a router.  Then its just a matter 
of routing your requests tot he correct network.

This sounds more of a routing issue than an Apache issue. 


> I have a secondary web server behind an external web server. I need to allow one
> httpd domain residing on the internal server or rather one http://www.domain.com that can oly exist on that internal webserver to reach the web. How do I forward any request for that domain. Do I need to edit the httpd.conf file on the external webserver. The external web server is running apache 1.3 and Redhat 7.0. It has dedicated ipaddress and the internal server has ipaddress. Is there a howto on this
> or do I setup some sort of port forwarding?

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