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[ale] RH up2date error

On Sun, 24 Mar 2002, Mike Millson wrote:

> I did an rpm -qa | grep 'perl', and it says perl-Perl-RPM 0.291-2 is already
> installed. Should I uninstall it and then install it again? Is the rpm db
> out of sync maybe?

Uninstall perl-Perl-RPM

run up2date

Install a newer version of perl-Perl-RPM (or rebuild the src rpm and install 

The problem is that perl-Perl-RPM is explicitly dependent upon rpm version 
(as it should be; the RPM API changes w/ every release), so it needs to be 
upgraded when RPM is upgraded.  Since it's not a Red Hat distributed 
application, up2date can't take care of upgrading it for you....


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