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[ale] ALE NE? Was ALE NW meeting was a success,,,, I think

Ankur Chatterjee wrote:
> So explain to me how ALE NW got started? Atre the meetings split up by
> region of ATL? Is there an ALE NE? Or an ALE CENTRAL? :) I live in
> midtown... if there's not a regional group associated with this area, how
> can I help get one started??

ALE NW is really defining the meeting, not the group.  It's all ALE, 
just that we now have meetings in two different locations in order to 
accomodate more folks.  A couple of folks, myself included, decided to 
try and get meetings going up in our 'neck of the woods' because the 
ride to Emory was/is just too much.

Being in midtown I'd suspect the Emory meetings are closer to you, 
although everyone is welcome at any of the meetings.  Right now, it 
appears we'll be having 'greener' folks at the ALE NW meetings, so we 
will probably be focusing on those kind of issues.

As for getting a regional group started, I'd suggest keeping the group 
as one, and do as we did, see if there's interest in meetings in that 
area.  We don't want to fragment the group though.  There appears to be 
a huge Linux following/interest in the NW area, particularily within the 
KSU facility.

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Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric at 3times25.net

I didn't have to buy my radio from a specific company to listen
to FM, why doesn't that apply to the Internet (anymore...)?

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