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[ale] Foolish Perl Question

>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Kruger <krugerb at benning.army.mil> writes:

    Bob> $line[7] =~ s/\[font color \=red\]//g;

        Actually the = doesn't need to be escaped.</pedantic>

    Bob> What I would like to do is identify anything that starts with
    Bob> "[font" , and strip everything until the next "]".  So, if
    Bob> the character "*" did that, it would look something like:

        $foo =~ s/\[font(?:[^\]]+)\]//g;

        Of course handling anything fancier (for something more like
HTML, where you could have quoted attributes or comments or . . .)
would require a parser rather than just a regexp.

        See also the Text::Balanced and Regexp::Common modules on
CPAN, perldoc perlre, and perldoc -q 'remove HTML'.

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