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[ale] Foolish Perl Question

I wrote a small perl script to clean up some output from another 
application.  This data is then imported into a SQL database.

One of the most tedious ascpect is trying to filter out all of the 
"font" markers in the format of [font color = blue], [font color = red] 
, etc.

What I would like to do is come up with something that allows a 
wildcard.  For example, right now:

$line[7] =~ s/\[font color \=red\]//g;

will strip out all of the "[font color = red]"

What I would like to do is identify anything that starts with "[font" , 
and strip everything until the next "]".  So, if the character "*" did 
that, it would look something like:


Any ideas?

Regards - Bob Kruger

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