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[ale] Install Fest Photos R up

Michael Golden wrote:
>>I have posted the photos from the install fest on the TWIKI
> 	Hi, I know this is a bit of a weird request, but I'm gonna make it
> anyway. I was unable to attend the InstallFest because of my going to
> school in Utah (though I hope there will be another sometime this summer
> so that I may attend!) but I have been on this list for a while (but
> unable to attend LUG meetings because of transportation) and am rather
> curious what people look like. Any of you who are willing and appear in
> the pictures that would like to identify yourself in a picture and which
> picture you were in would be cool so I could match some names to faces.
> :)
> Thanks

I'm the one who was...no, that wasn't me.  Ok, I'm in that picture with the...no, that's not me either...Dang, where am I?

Lost in Tokyo,
    Jack of All Trades, Anarchist

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