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[ale] Recommendations/Caveats re: acquiring DSL service

Ahmen to that! I had SDSL from Concentric/XO. It cost $69/mo, 4 static
IPs, and was rock-solid. Sadly, it was provided through NorthPoint.
Telocity/DirecTV is cheaper ($49/mo), but stability was a rude shock, only
1 static IP (not really a problem), they won't route mail to more than one
user at our account against a personal domain-name (which will eventually
push me to run a mail server), and naturally if I had significant outbound
activity, the "A" in 'ASDL' would make itself felt.

Their modem gets lost about once per month. I guess I can live with
it, but it just ain't quality.

In a word, "Tacky".

I think it cost more because they were spending more effort administering
it, too. History seems to suggest I was maybe getting _more_ than I was
paying for, while it lasted!

On 20 Mar 2002, James P. Kinney III wrote:

> If you don't mind paying more for the connection, SDSL is often
> available when ADSL is not. It costs more because it requires a seperate
> line. But in the 1.5 years I had SDSL through Mindspring, it NEVER went
> down. Not even a hiccup! 

 - John Mills

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