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[ale] hadnspring visor with RH7.2 and Evolution/Ximian

Well, I have a few spare minutes and I am trying to get my Visor to sync
with Evolution with a USB cradle.  I have tried this before and ended up
giving up when I didn't have any more time to mess with it.  I have even
asked Qs on this list before (my archive searching skills must be
lacking, because I can't find it when I search).  Anyone got this

I can do a 'pilot-xfer -p /dev/ttyUSB1 -b visorbackup' just fine so I am
assuming my USB setup is ok.

However, in Evolution, when I select Tools | Pilot Settings, it launches
the welcome to gnome-pilot gui.  I then enter my cradle settings as:

Name:  Cradle (didn't change)
Port:  /dev/ttyUSB1
Speed: 57600 (didn't change)
Timeout: 2 (didn't change)
Type:  Handsprinb USB

Then I say "yes" to I have used sync s/w with this pilot before (on
windoze) and click next, it asks that I press the hotsync button on the
crade and when I do, it just eventually times out on the visor, and I
never get any response back on the 'Initial Sync' gui.

If any Evolution users have this working,I'd appreciate any pointers.



Gene Matthews
Matthews Midrange Consulting, Inc.
(678) 923-8327
(877) 882-6291 (toll free)

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