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[ale] Install Fest Photos R up


I am the guy in the red and white striped shirt... snicker


> I have posted the photos from the install fest on the TWIKI
> 	Hi, I know this is a bit of a weird request, but I'm gonna make it
> anyway. I was unable to attend the InstallFest because of my going to
> school in Utah (though I hope there will be another sometime this
> summer so that I may attend!) but I have been on this list for a while
> (but unable to attend LUG meetings because of transportation) and am
> rather curious what people look like. Any of you who are willing and
> appear in the pictures that would like to identify yourself in a
> picture and which picture you were in would be cool so I could match
> some names to faces. :)
> Thanks
> --
> Michael Golden <naugrimk at yahoo.com>
> GnuPG Public Key: 1F8BDBDE

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