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[ale] burning at 10x

I just burned a new cd of Red Hat on a new cdrw I picked up.  It 
supports 10x cds, so I picked some up and wow, that suckers fast.

Anyway, anyone have any problems with burning cds at higher speeds like 

Anyone know of a better way to verify the integrity of the cd then:

or fn in $(find . -type f -print); do
cmp $fn /mnt/cdrom/$fn >/dev/null || print $foo broken


By the way, if I have time, I'm going to try and burn a couple copies of 
Mandrake 8.2 to give away at the ALE Northwest meeting on Thursday. :)

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric at 3times25.net

I didn't have to buy my radio from a specific company to listen
to FM, why doesn't that apply to the Internet (anymore...)?

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