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[ale] system freezes

> own IRQ.  Temperature seems fine.  I have installed the latest video
> drivers from nVidia.  

1) Heat. how are you getting the temperature? Are you loading the
lm_sensors modules? This is probably the best way to get that info. The
numbers you get while you are in your BIOS are usually not indicative 
of the temps you'll see while the machine is running. 

2) The nvidia drivers may also give you problems when you use other
applications depending on what version and hardware you have. 

3) Also, you might want to do a memory test (memtest86) to make sure
that you don't have bad memory floating around. In addition, if you have
swap < 2X memory and you are running a kernel < 2.4.10 then you might
have some issues as well.

Just some things to look for


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