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[ale] VIA KT266A

I'm in the market for a new Athlon system.  I'm fond of Asus motherboards.  
I know they are a bit over priced but I've had very little problem with 
them over the years.  I'm aware the KT333 chipset is available but I 
hate paying top dollar for the latest PC crap thet will be outdated in a 
few months.

I'm almost settled on a the Asus A7V266-E.  Has anyone had good or bad 
experience with this?

What the heck is an ACR slot?  Is this for a winmodem?

Has anyone tried the IDE raid with success?

How about the integrated audio?  I typically don't buy boards with onboard 
audio but what the heck.  I'll save a few bucks.  This board includes a 
C-Media CMI-8738.

Thanks for any opinions


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