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[ale] loadable apache modules + slackware 8

Hi there,

OK -  I have used apache for several years, I have always built in static
modules but I have a Slackware 8 install that has apache built to use
loadable modules, like mod_ssl and mod_php But, I uncommented the line,
Include /etc/apache/mod_ssl.conf

And apache does not complain, and I even see this in the log,

[Sun Mar  3 20:22:57 2002] [notice] Apache/1.3.20 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.8.4
OpenSSL/0.9.6a PHP/4.0.5 configured -- resuming normal operations

but when I do a httpd -l I only see
Compiled-in modules:

But I believe these are only compiled in modules, so I won't see my loadable
modules there. right?

However this is the big problem, even thought there is a valid virtual host
for https it is like it isn't loading the config. I even used the -des3
option so that the crt would ask me for a password when it started but it
never does...

I am totally confused. - I would love any advice.


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