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[ale] OT: BIZ Registration Intellectual Property Claim Dispute

Stan.Hearn at ipst.edu wrote:
> Does anyone know how to dispute an Intellectual Property Claim which
> doesn't have merit?  The forms ask me to prove that I have an intellectual
> property claim, but I'd like to dispute the claim that the company claiming
> to have IP rights does not have them.
> For what I can figure out, NeuLevel is allowing claimants to make IP claims
> on common names like paper, water, plastic.
> I'd like to dispute their claim on the basis that it's a common name and I
> can't determine how to do that.
> Any light anyone can shed on this would be helpful.

Mozilla.org had some trouble with IP claims a few years back, and put out a call
people to find prior art to invalidate a patent they were fighting - you might
contacting them.  Also try the EFF.

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