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[ale] php web mail

>>>>> "John" == John Wells <jbwellsiv at yahoo.com> writes:

    John> I'm looking for a web based mail client similar to
    John> SquirrelMail.  SquirrelMail would be ideal if it supported
    John> POP, but it only supports IMAP.  The machine I'll be
    John> installing on uses qmail...no IMAP servers.

>        Courier IMAP (http://www.inter7.com/courierimap/) supports
>reading qmail style Maildir's.  (I can't really comment on how well it
>works as that's one of the things on the TODO list that's gotten
>postponed several times. :/ )

Fletch, John.

I finally got to that part of my TODO list (Maildir/ Courier IMAP) and I'm
delighted with it.
I'm using it with Squirrelmail and it has made dealing with the large
very fast.  No timeouts or significant speed issues with hundreds of emails
in a mailbox.   


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