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[ale] VNC over SSH2

sangell at nan.net wrote:
> ssh2 8080: sangell at mydynamicdns.dyndns.org
> I am using 1024 bit RSA key for tunnel and 1024 bit DSA key authentication
> (if memory serves)
> Once SSH connects I open web browser and point to http://localhost:8080
> I get the Authentication page so VNC and SSH are working but the
> authentication fails.

OK, a couple things.  First, you need to point the browser to 5801 (if the VNC 
server is running on display 1).  I just tried this and I experienced the same 
thing...the authentication page comes up in the browser, but it can't connect to 
the VNC server.  The problem (I think) is that the authencitation web server is 
listening on 5801, but you also need to port forward the corresponding VNC 
server port, 5901.  I don't know how to do this from the command line, but you 
can setup a config file (~/.ssh/config) that lists multiple ports to forward. 
The format is like this:

LocalForward    5801    jarva:5801
LocalForward    5901    jarva:5901

Then, I just ssh'ed to the remote host and pointed the browser to 
http://localhost:5801  and it worked.

                                Chris Egolf
              http://www.ugholf.net     cegolf at ugholf.net

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