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[ale] Anyone here use Zope?

That's pretty close to my take on things as well. But John's list of 
requirements isn't great; database speed can be had by connection pooling and 
data caching. The extent of these services dictate what strength of 
application server you might want to use. If the database driver already does 
pooling for you, then perhaps Apache/Tomcar + Struts or Velocity is a good 
way to go. If you want more services provided, then J2EE is it. JBoss is an 
excellent open source J2EE server if you don't need industrial strength 
transactions to enterprise data sources. I also agree with Arafat Mohamed's 
appraisal of the number of degrees of freedom that one can get with the Java 
platform, from the UI (Struts, Velocity, JSP, servlets) to the backend 
(servlets, JDBC, JCA, JMS, J2EE, TLA1, TLA(n) ;-)  ).


On Thursday 14 March 2002 07:21 pm, Arafat Mohamed wrote:
> Here's my 2 cents...
> The nice thing about a java based implementation is the number of tools
> available (Open and commercial). Based on what you're needs are you can go
> all the way with J2EE implementation ala JBoss/WebLogic/9iAS/websphere/etc
> or scale it down to running tomcat standalone. All the major IDEs/editors
> i've seen (eg. macromedia, vi, emacs) have nice support for JSP. You can
> implement more heavily on the coding aspect (servlets) or dummy it down
> with JSP. You're business logic can be implemented with EJBs or just plain
> vanilla JBs.
> When faced with a web project I tend to gravitate to the Java world due to
> the flexibility of tools and methodologies. At work, we have projects
> written in ColdFusion, PHP and ASP. The limitations of all are starting to
> become apparent and so there is a push to convert all of this onto Oracle
> 9iAS for the more complicated stuff, and an apache web server with tomcat
> for the simpler stuff. (as an aside, the friendly neighborhood *nix guy and
> I have been pushing really hard to convert all servers to *nix/*BSD)
> Also take a look at the Apache Jakarta projects. If you're looking for a
> templating engine I heartily recommend velocity. Very nice seperation of
> logic from presentation.
> -Arafat

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