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[ale] One more question on Ginstar PC's

In regards to the "all-in-one" motherboards, how is speed.  I mean if they
have certain specs that others have will they usually have comparable i/o
through put and processeing power.

The G1 Economoy line at Ginstar is all that I have purchased.  People
I have given them too say they work great and my Linux development machine
is workign great.  In using these for PC Games my concern is the
AGP shared memory.  I have done testing with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002
and it runs nicely on these machines.  Comparable to my AMD800 with a
GeForce 2 MX200. But I could have a bottle neck in my drive since I only
have a 6GB at ATA33 G1's come with ATA100.  I will probably not upgrade my
PC I will just buy new.

On the hamfest you guys are talking about.  I remeber when the ham fest was
a place to get good computer equiment dirt cheap.  Is that still
true?  I would also like to get a ham radio that I can listen with.  Maybe
something that can tune in Aviation Band.  What is the least expensive model
I can get there that will provide that basic functionality.  I have no
license so I have no clue what I need.  I just find the technology
interesting and amazing.

Chris Fowler

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