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[ale] regex question?

Fletch wrote:
>>>>>>"Robert" == Robert L Harris <Robert.L.Harris at rdlg.net> writes:
>     Robert> Got one just annoying me.  It's going to be something
>     Robert> simple I'm sure.
>     >> From a ksh command line I'm executing a set of commands:
>     Robert> /usr/local/bin/doreport | grep 03/1[34]/02
>     Robert> obviously to limit it based on date.  This works great
>     Robert> when the date is 13 and 14, but what's the best way to do
>     Robert> the grep for something like the 19 and 20 or even 31 and
>     Robert> 01?  I tried [13|14] and that doesn't work, I'd rather
>     Robert> keep it short and not have an egrep '03/14/02|03/15/02' as
>     Robert> that can be a bit ugly for some juniors I'm trying to
>     Robert> teach.
>         '03/(19|20)/02'

Doesn't work with my ksh....

>         [13|14] is a character class with 1, 3, 4, and |.

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