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[ale] M$ mail server grousing

I connect to an Exchange server for work, using Netscape.  But, I know 
that they had to configure it a certain way to permit this access, 
because the corporate folks have a small set of servers configured for 
this purpose (unix based users).

James P. Kinney III wrote:
> I have a teaching position (University of Phoenix Online) that uses M$
> Exchange servers for email and newsgroups. I have found that what is
> called ssl secure login on windows is not ssl on Linux. The logins are
> denied if I turn off ssl, which is good. No unencrypted logins are good.
> But when I use ssl, I get an unresponsive server error. I've tried
> access the imap mail using evolution, Mozilla, and netscape with "secure
> connection". 
> Does accessing mail from an Exchange server _require_ a Microsoft
> environment? Or is there a configuration problem on my end that I can
> tweak to get it? Or is i a server config issue? I would really prefer to
> stick to my Linux tools.

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric at 3times25.net

I didn't have to buy my radio from a specific company to listen
to FM, why doesn't that apply to the Internet (anymore...)?

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