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[ale] Templates (was: [ale] Need a PHP/MySQL intern...)

John Wells wrote:
> Joe,
> Thanks for the explanation.  I understand how this
> could make life easier on a larger scale project where
> the programmer is separate from the designer (I play
> both roles).  I also understand the benefit of having
> a page contain only valid html.  However, your
> scenario still doesn't prove any real benefit to me
> over PHP.
> As a designer, I could develop an entire site in pure
> HTML (as in your example).  Then, wearing my
> programmer hat, I go through the code and insert the
> various PHP code where necessary, just as your
> programmer would go through a template any insert the
> necessary AVPs.
> To extend your example, we have the code:
> <P>
> This is the introduction paragraph from the WhizBang
> web site.
> </P>
> The programmer modifies it thus:
> <P>
> <?=getIntroText()?>
> </P>
> I guess the problem with the above example is that
> there is no default value in the <p> tags after the
> PHP is inserted.

And if you want to maintain the presentation, you probably
can't use your favorite off-the-shelf WYSIWYG HTML tool
to do that anymore; you now have to edit the code
directly, unless your HTML tool happens to grok PHP.

-- Joe
  Using open-source software: free.
  Pissing Bill Gates off: priceless.

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