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[ale] C/Perl Job


I posted this in December 2001. Since a few job postings flew by today,
I thought I might post it again. 

A network security software company has the following open position.
Send your resume to me, preferably in plain text, if you are
interested or have any questions.

C/Perl Developer 
* Real-world C experience required. We might be willing to substitute
college experience, depending on the candidates experience, etc.
* Background in Perl helpful, but not required
* Unix system development experience needed, specifically Linux and
* TCP, UDP, and SNMP (v1, v2, and v3) protocol experience helpful
* Working knowledge of regular expressions
* Security knowledge or background a plus, specifically Checkpoint,
Netscreen, ISS, SNORT, etc.
* Experience with C++ helpful, but not required.
* Willingness to learn C++ if not already knowledge or fluent in it


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