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[ale] time warp (was: RE: [ale] Installfest Success / Internet Connection))

Prophetic words, indeed, considering that your response below was 
sent a full 4 hours in advance of the message to which you respond.  
I've noticed you've been sending answers in advance of the questions 
for some time now.  :)


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Subject:	Re: [ale] Installfest Success / Internet Connection

rhiannen wrote:
> > Drew "ChangingLINKS.com" wrote:
> ... to the ALE list from Eight Full Years in the Future!!
> Wow!
> Linux really is amazing & ahead of its time, eh? ;)

The real trick would be to send one's questions eight
years *into* the future, when presumably we will already
know the answers, and thus the reply will be forthcoming

-- Joe

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