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[ale] Need a PHP/MySQL intern...

My company has recently hired two interns from local colleges in Atlanta. One is a C++ developer and the 
other a PHP4/MySQL developer. Unfortunately the PHP person fell through and isn't going to be able to 
work for us. The position is in Alpharetta and pays $10.00 hr either part or full time. Its not much but its an 
entry into a small growing company that has plenty of opportunity for advancement to a very challanging (and 
significantly better paying) position. 

We've got an internally developed PHP/MySQL app deployed on a RedHat linux system at Rackspace.com. 
Its an ecommerce system for reselllng our information privacy/security software and its looking quite 
successful. We need someone familiar with PHP & MySQL to extend its features and do screen updates. I'm 
also interested in possibly moving part or all of this to a Python/XML/Postgress solution eventually. If this is 
something you're interested in getting involved in then contact me directly.

	thanx & later,

		Ben Scherrey

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